About the work

To look at E. T. Moody‘s paintings is to look at pages of a traveler’s notebook. Her migrations are a fundamental part of her work and life. Anika, which is Sanskrit for the state of constant change, is a paradox that is a common theme in her work. As the visitor to a new land must humbly start from zero when starting her cultural odyssey, effectively erasing what her prior culture takes for granted as natural and innate to humankind, so E.T. starts a painting, looking around to see what that new space and time is expressing to her.

The first impact when you come off the plane in a new land may be the embrace felt by surrounding blue mountains. Next you notice the weight of your body, which in some places feels light and sticky (Barcelona), or heavy and flowing in others (Mumbai). Soon your nose registers the spectrum of smells surrounding you, shaping the funnel of sensations that leads to your heart. And people are everywhere, no matter which port of call on earth you enter, you see waves of people swimming joyfully in the present, others waiting for their boredom to end, dreaming of the future, and others begging to be loved. The variation of human actions are infinite, yet the invisible thread that unites them is singular.

It is this mysterious ether which we sense in the backdrop of E.T’s character sketches, while in the foreground we are offered a sensitive view of human expression. The skin of a face is exposed to us, but as soon as we recognize the outline of a body, that body is found to be transparent, allowing that which is behind the figure to come to light, and making the viewer question on what plane the figure exists. It is this exchange between two planes, along with flamboyant color combinations, that creates the vibratory energy that is released in these works.
In other works the human figure is absent or hiding, and line and color meet to confront each other in a play of motion between the far and near planes, while the quiet horizon of hills and dales take the viewer back to the peace that is always patiently waiting in the distance.

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Elizabeth Thenia Moody


2003 Postgraduate course in the school of art, University of Barcelona, “Homeless Beauty”
1991-1995 BA of Fine Arts, The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Mi Casa Pottery, Whitefish, MT
2011 Municipal Theater, Pabellón de Arteaga, Mexico
2009 Bar Fidel, Barcelona, Spain
2009 Pizzeria El Raval, Barcelona, Spain
2005 Le Zinc Café, Paris, France
2001 Angel Nuñez Molinero Gallery, Washington, DC
1997 Sala Aisenstein, Washington, DC
1996 Washington Sheraton Hotel, Washington, DC

Group Shows

2014 Local Color Studio, Whitefish, MT
2010-2011 10 Monthly shows at the Foundry Gallery, Washington, DC
2007 Annual painting competition and show at the city hall, Sitges, Spain
2006 Artist Residence Program show, Aix-En-Provence, France
2005 “Poble Nou o 22@”, participation with Barcelona Arte Contemporáneo. Studio El Caminal, Barcelona
2004 “Quién Diablos Soy Yo”, participation with BAC. Studio El Caminal, Barcelona
2003 “Ponte en mis zapatos”, participation with BAC. Studio La Mina, Barcelona
2002 “Paisajes urbanos” Asociación Gárdena, in the citadel of Pamplona
2002 Annual show at the School of Art of Pamplona
2001 Atlanta Artist´s Association show, Capitol building, Atlanta, GA
2001 “Narrative of 13 Atlanta Artists”, Chances Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2000 Angel Nuñez Molinero Gallery, Washington, DC
2000 The Fine Arts Society of Kennesaw Juried Art Exhibition, Kennesaw, GA
1999 Galería La Buhardilla, Bogotá, Colombia
1998  Xavier Art Gallery, Reston, VA
1998 “Small Works Competition”, Eclecticos Gallery, Washington, DC
1996 “The World Bank 2nd Annual Lobby Art Show”, Washington, DC
1996 The Dimock Gallery, Washington, DC
1995 The Dimock Gallery, Washington, DC


2010 3rd prize, Consulate of Brazil Painting Competition, Washington, DC
1996 1st prize, Washington Sheraton Painting Competition, Washington, DC